About Us

Helping you grow in a digital world!

SJS Web Design

SJS Web Design is a Web Design and Digital Marketing business who’s aim is to help all types of business and organisations with a professional online presence.

We are based in Listowel, Co. Kerry and through the wonders of technology, we get to help people regardless of their location.

Professional Website Design

In our relatively short time in business, we have helped numerous businesses and organisations get online with their own professional website, as well as associated Social Media Profiles. We have also helped many clients redesign their existing website.

We treat each new client as an individual, as we have discovered that no two projects are the same. Each organisation we deal with has their own particular requirements, ambitions, problems they need solved or itch they need scratched. We will take the time to find out what these are for you and how best we can fulfill your particular needs to meet your expectations.

Who are we?

SJS Web Design is owned by Sean Slattery (that’s me). I am passionate about helping businesses and charities get their message across. That’s how I’ve come to love the possibilities afforded by proper use of web sites, social media and digital marketing.