Audrey O’Carroll


Audrey O’Carroll, voice coach & therapist, aids individuals find their voice in life using her knowledge and training in music teaching & performance and psychology. Whether it’s for your work life or for your daily personal interactions, Audrey will work with you to overcome any obstacle you may have getting your thoughts out in the open with crystal clarity and confidence.

Providing both individual coaching and group workshops, Audrey O’Carroll assists those in need of voice rehabilitation therapy to singing coaching. Covering a wide spectrum of services for her clients ensures solutions for all.


Launch Date – October 2018

Client Needs

Audrey needed a platform on which she could clarify her services to possible clients, providing information about herself and her expertise in her area of service. All her fields of coaching needed to be clear and concise. A method of contacting her and a payment solution was also required.

Our Solution

Responsive Website Design

Contact Form & Information

Online Payment System Option