O’ Carroll’s Funeral Home


O’Carroll’s Funeral Home is a family owned business which has been operating in Listowel for three generations. An accredited member of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors, O’Carroll’s Funeral Home can look after all aspects of a funeral, easing the bereaved family’s burden at a difficult time.

Launch Date
August 2016

O Carrolls Funeral Home Website Image

Client needs

Lisa O’Carroll, owner of O’Carrolls Funeral Home, requested a clean and contemporary website. Due to the sensitive nature
of the business a tidy website where people could easily find what they were searching for was a key aspect. Payments
gateway functionality would need to exist for people who wished make a funeral payment or alternatively, to make a donation.

Specific additional SEO criteria was required for this project to improve page ranking factors. An SSL security certificate
would also be needed on the eCommerce aspects of the site to protect peoples sensitive financial information.

Our Solution

Website Content

Aesthetically Pleasing Site

Stripe Gateway

Google Analytics


Social Media Integration

SSL Security

PayPal Gateway