• 20th February 2018

AngelEFT.ie Transformation

AngelEFT.ie Transformation

AngelEFT.ie Transformation 810 594 SJS Web Design

AngelEFT.com is a site we’ve recently redesigned for Susan Browne. Susan wanted to modernise her site and to allow easier access to her blog posts, newsletter signups, events and books for sale.

The team decided that the navigation of AngelEFT.com should be made easier to use, so we redesigned the menu format and included drop down menus to keep everything tidy and organised. We revamped the appearance of the website by forming a more modern & inviting look, along with call to action buttons which can attract users to interact with the website and potentially purchase products from the site.



The addition of social media icons which are conveniently placed in the header will help users connect with Angel EFT’s other social media platforms including, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are also icons included in the header, that provide users with the option of easily getting in contact with Angel EFT through mobile or email with one click of the mouse.

It was decided that the blog and video posts on AngelEFT.ie should be displayed in a more attractive and functional manner, as this would encourage site users to browse and interact with the site, as well as developing a more professional image for AngelEFT.ie

A testimonial page was added to Angeleft.ie to give visitors on the site an idea of what other people thought of the services or products provided. This can be an important asset in a website as some people may be wary to trust websites but testimonials can help them get over this barrier. We constructed this particular page to be attractive looking and easily readable.

Paypal and Amazon links were also incorporated into the website, so that users could easily purchase tickets for upcoming events or order books directly from AngelEFT.ie. The addiction of these features can increase sales and could potentially generate considerably more profit for the business.