• 4th April 2018

Easier Registration With New Changes To .IE Domain Rules

Easier Registration With New Changes To .IE Domain Rules

Easier Registration With New Changes To .IE Domain Rules 1030 579 SJS Web Design

What Has Happened?

On the 21st of March 2018, the Irish Domain Registry implemented a significant change to the rules of the “liberalisation” policy, which will make it easier and faster for website owners to register for an Irish domain.

What Changes?

The main change that has taken place is that there is now no need for a “claim to the name” for those with a real Irish connection. This will allow new start up businesses who want a legitimately Irish web presence prior to having set up any physical presence such as an office or a brick and mortar store. These changes have been put in place to reduce the time needed for users to obtain an IE domain and to encourage more websites with real Irish connections to register a dot IE domain.

This change also terminates the restrictions on domains that may reflect a person’s name, nick name or pin name. The Irish Domain Registry believe that it is necessary to make these changes so that businesses and organisations with genuine Irish associations can quickly acquire any available Irish domain that they desire.

What Hasn't Changed?

The “liberalisation” policy of dot IE domains still reserves its use for only those with a genuine Irish connection and will still require the identification verification of the domain owner and the credibility of their association to Ireland. The Irish Domain registry continues guarantee the safety of irish domains following these changes to its users. Check out IEDR.ie for more information.

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