Ballydonoghue Parish Magazine


Ballydonoghue Parish Magazine is a magazine established in 1985. The magazine facilitates members with news, archive stories and images and general history from the Ballydonoghue Parish community down through the years. The Ballydonoghue Parish Magazine is an extension of the magazine allowing community members to stay connected in real-time no matter their location throughout the world.

Launch Date
August 2016

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Client needs

Ballydonoghue Parish Magazine requested a well designed, interactive website to reflect the Ballydonoghue Parish community’s ambition to stay connected through an online media stream. A Virtual Gathering page with social media characteristics was required for members to share stories, media, and other online content relating to the Ballydonoghue Parish Community. A donations page was a necessity to allow people to contribute to the publishing of the annual magazine. Other functionality such as SEO, Google Analytics, Social Media Integration and others were also highlighted in the requirements documents.

Our Solution

Website Updates

Contact Form

Payments Gateway


Social Media Integration

Google Analytics

Website Forum

Content Writing