• 31st December 2019

Review of the Year – 2019

Review of the Year – 2019

Review of the Year – 2019 1030 1007 SJS Web Design

In life you meet a couple of milestones that define you as a person, or business. For me, looking back at 2019, I feel I have reached another one.

While throughout my life I have always been “busy” – and never more so than the first 10 years of SJS Web Design, it is only now, I’m beginning to feel that this hard slog is actually going to pay off. I’m learning more to take a step back and look at things from a little distance, in order to get a bit of clarity.

The work is never the issue. I’ve spent too much of my life shovelling concrete or the absolutely back breaking work of picking spuds, to call what we do now work. So much of my work life at the moment, is spent on things that don’t involve actual web design or marketing, but are absolutely essential to keeping hundreds of websites running and clients happy. These include admin, such as pricing jobs, accounts etc and education – i.e. keeping up to date on all things design, security, SEO, technology etc – most of the things that most people never notice, until they’re not done right and something goes wrong.

For years, breaking even and keeping the business afloat, was enough, as I always saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Eventually, I really think we’ve reached the sweet spot – the perfect combination of a few great customers that we work with throughout the year, every year, a few new clients coming on board and many of our clients over the past 10 years, coming back for new websites for new products or services they offer, or for a redesign for their decade old website.

Even with the best of intentions throughout the year, I don;t always get around to posting our most recent projects to Social Media, or even updating our Portfolio on our website. However, here’s a small sample of the jobs we’ve done and people we’ve worked with this year:

Sera Husky and Animal Rescue

Having adopted the amazing Shadow (my rescue dog – definitely not a superhero) from Sera Husky in October 2018, I got chatting with Maurice and we decided to give the website a makeover. As I’d seen first hand to completely selfless work that Maurice and the other volunteers do – most of which goes completely unseen, I decided to donate €1,500 worth of work to getting a new, modern, accessible site for them.

We started from scratch, creating a brand new WordPress website, adding most of the content from the previous site. We have added quite a few new features, which will come into play in early 2020.


SJK Engineering and Surveying Ltd

We had previously created a website for Stephen and were contacted in late 2018 to redesign his website to better showcase the extensive range of services her offers as well as a better selection of projects he has completed.

We carried out a comprehensive redesign of his website to include individual pages for each of 11 different services he provides and well as pages for 11 Case Studies of projects he has been involved in. Each Case Study is listed under the associated services page.

Mike The Pies

Since we developed the website for Aiden in Mike the Pies in 2016, we have been keeping an eye on its inner workings, to make sure Irelands’ Best Music Venue has a smooth running website. We keep the site updated with all upcoming gigs and Comedy Club events, configuring the online booking system and merchandise on sale through the webshop. We also make sure the weekly gig listings newsletter goes out on time.

Kingdom Beekeepers Association

We were tasked with designing a website for the Kingdom Beekeepers Association, based in Tralee, Co Kerry. We created a simple WordPress site for them, based on their budget and requirements, to provide information to the public, about the Association, their upcoming course and membership information.

O Grady School of English

Having created a multilingual website for O Grady School of English a number of years ago, we help maintain the site, updating it annually with upcoming course dates etc. We provide ongoing support, which is vital for a site as complex as this.

Writers Week

Another client with an international profile, that we’ve had the privilege of working with for a number of years is Listowel Writers Week. After a number of minor and major redesigns over the past few years, we’ve again given writersweek.ie an overhaul, in time to start collecting entries for the numerous literary competitions for the 2020 festival, submitted via the website.

We maintain the security and general running of the site and work with the festival staff, to help them edit the content on an ongoing basis.

All Seasons Florist

All Seasons Florist in Tralee contacted us to help them freshen up their existing site, to align it with their new branding. We worked with Shane and Christina in All Seasons, to implement the design they came up with, with the Branding Experts at Creative Practice.


Listal Ltd is owned by Italian company Industrie Borla S p A and manufacture medical components in their manufacturing facility in Listowel, Co. Kerry. They were in need of a website to show people what they did and to advertise any upcoming career opportunities that arose within the organisation. We desiged a WordPress website for them and created it in a way to allow them to update the content easily themselves.


Much of our work involves redesigning websites for clients, that we have previously worked with. During 2019, this included a complete overhaul to Listowel Family Resource Centre, a slight update and navigation redesign to Ballinskelligs Veterinary Clinic and a design and content update to Leahy and Co Ltd.


Other Services

Throughout the year, we’ve dealt with so many other clients  and projects, that it wouldn’t be practical to list them all here. Here are just some of the other services we’ve carried out: