• 2nd June 2017

What is Trump at? The World Needs The Paris Agreement

What is Trump at? The World Needs The Paris Agreement

What is Trump at? The World Needs The Paris Agreement 1030 686 SJS Web Design

I hate even using his name, in the vain hope that if we ignore him, he might just disappear and stop trying to destroy the world for his own and his cronies personal gain, but this time Donald Trump has really done it. He wants to move America away from every other country of the world with the exception of 2, in trying to get out of the Paris Agreement. The only countries not signed up are Nicaragua, who are saying the agreement doesn’t go far enough and Syria, who happen to have other things on their mind, such as civil war and the like.

Now this posturing by Trump is probably not going to make a blind bit of difference to America, as by the time the agreement comes into play in 2020, we will hopefully have seen the back of this self serving man* (*I’m having difficulty coming up with a better noun to use, such as child, idiot, etc without insulting entire groups of innocent people). Hopefully his successor, will have the foresight to do the right thing and reverse his decision.

However, what this will do is justify his supporters, or those generally too lazy or set in their ways, to enact any bit of change in their lives to help slow down the effects of climate change. More importantly it will probably set in motion the process of other national leaders, who are looking for a quick way to boost their popularity, to spout the same nonsense as the American “leader”. This can and will work some of them as, let’s face it, it is a hell of a lot easier for people to carry on with business as usual, than to inconvenience ourselves with the steps required to make ourselves accountable for our own environmental footprint.

I have some sympathy for ordinary people who are listening to conflicting “facts” about climate change, from people in power. But the overwhelming evidence from the scientific community, is that climate change is real and will have drastic effects on this planet, unless something big is done soon. The vast majority of sources quoted by climate change deniers, have some link back to vested interests, such as the big fossil fuel corporations. I fear that, even though the majority of Americans want to change, an awful lot of their elected representatives are in some way or another too meshed in with big oil, to want to, or be in a position to change anything.

This trust that people put in politicians, still exists, despite all the jokes, but it’s diminishing quickly. That’s why politicians, such as Donald Trump, have to use their position and power for the good of the world, because sometimes the things we should hear aren’t the things we want to hear.